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We Need 20 single family houses in Rochester for our First Round of Rent To Own Program

We need 20 distressed houses to Rehab  For our first round of our Rent To Own Program

If you have a sfh or group of them contact us. If you are a landlord looking to retire and sell a whole pakage lets talk.

Know this! we are not looking to buy anything at retail prices, we always rehab the houses to give the new tenant-owner the  best the home has to offer.

We already have a waiting list looking for new homes, and help with the mortgages for them to buy the homes.

Contact Jim

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Cash Buyer We Need Your Distressed Houses For Rochester Rent To Own Programs

If you or someone you know has a distressed house, and looking to cash out contact us.

If you have a house that needs to much repair for you to handle,or your way behind with taxes or mortgage payments and you just want out we can HELP.

We buy houses from many sources, and rehab them and bring them back to life so they can be put back on the market.

No house is to ugly for us to take a look at but you need to contact us. So get rid of that headache and take the cash. 

Call  Jim  585-880-4324     or email                            


Rochester Rent To Own

Do you like this house?  Sorry your to late it just sold today.  But we have many more comming up soon, So if you would like the opportunity to own one fill out the form and get  Pre-Qualified.